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USC's Trojan Debate Squad is proud to announce The Trojan Web Debates--a series of intercollegiate debate tournaments hosted online throughout the 2011-2012 academic year, and open to all college and university students. The first of these debates will take place from October 17th-30th.  We invite you to take part in this exciting event in an innovative and emerging forum for competitive academic debate.  The goal of the Trojan Web Debates is to provide as many students as possible with opportunities to debate in competitive academic settings and receive feedback from experts and professionals, while also generating better and richer public discourse about important social issues.

As October is LGBT History month, we have chosen to explore the issues facing the LGBT community today, and the spirit of progressive social activism embodied by LGBT communities struggling for equal rights.  The Trojan Debate Squad supports LGBT movements in their struggles to engage in same sex marriages, freely adopt children, and to end discrimination and violence motivated by victims’ sexual preference or gender. We believe that debates about social movement methods, tactics and priorities are critical toward effective social action.  Thus we invite students from around the world to debate the following question:

Should same sex marriage be the top priority of the LGBT civil rights movement?

All competitors will engage in 2 debates in Week 1 (October 17-October 21).  In one debate, competitors will argue that same sex marriage should be the top priority of the LGBT movement.  In the second debate, competitors will refute the notion that same-sex marriage should be the top priority of the LGBT movement, and should propose a competing top priority issue for the LGBT community. Competitors will target their arguments toward a public audience and receive feedback and constructive criticism from experienced critics of argument. The top ten competitors will advance to a second week of debates (October 24th-28th) and will be eligible for gift cards between $25 and $100 in value.

In addition to enhancing the quality of public argument, every entry helps to stop violence and discrimination against individuals because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.  Entry fees for this tournament are a $10 donation to the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.

We invite everyone to follow the debates via our website, and our Facebook page, We hope that you will join us as we break ground on a new and exciting project that encourages students worldwide to engage and debate current events and important social and political questions. Questions?  Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Please note:  Registration for this event closed on 10/15/2011.  We are no longer accepting entries for competitors or volunteer judges.


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